Some things are changing…

Hello my Beauties, are you fine? I hope so.

I’ve been absent for a while … some things in my life are very busy at the moment. On the one hand the renovation of our apartment. Still missing a few pieces of furniture but the biggest is done!

Secondly, it’s time soon … in just 2 weeks is our wedding! Arghhhhhhhhhhh! Can’t believe it!

Here are some impressions from our everyday life, I hope you enjoy!

What’s new? I try to be more present 🙂




Hello my Beauties,

A few days ago I received a great package from Fittea.

The new Pure Night Detox Tea with Glass Tea Mug – I was really happy about it!

Thanks to the integrated stainless steel sieve, the tea can be prepared directly in the cup. Practical and fast. Moreover, the cup is a real eye-catcher!

Spring is coming, the clothes are getting shorter, so I want to do something good for my body and prepare for the summer. The Pure Night Detox Tea is perfect because it can easily detoxify at night. The Pure Night Detox Tea is 100% caffeine free and contains active Moringa leaves known for their incredible Detox properties and soothing effects. The Moringa leaves have unmatched detox abilities and help your body relax.

Since I drink the tea in the evening, I sleep easily and detoxify my body by the way. With the Pure Night Detox Tea I sleep well and wake up the next morning fresh and full of energy.

Have you become curious?

With the code –>ROSA15<–you get -15% discount on your next order at

Fittea will soon change his name to Fitvia: new, healthy products will be added. Can hardly wait, I’m curious!

Do you already know Fittea? Have you already had experience with fittea?


My calendar 2017

Hello my dear, are you fine? 

A few days ago I received a package with my beautiful new calendar from #ordernichtoderdoch. 

If someone does not know this, you should take a look at their website.

From postcards to calendars on decorative items, there is something for everyone. Playful and very special. And also a good present idea.

For the first I decided for this great A5 calendar. 
Price: 26 €

I love to design my calendar, it relaxes me and gives free rein to my creativity.

Have you already found your calendar for 2017? 

Reading more comfortably? Possible with “Leselotte”

What is a Leselotte?

It’s a reading support for everyone who wants to read comfortably whether in bed, on the couch, at the table or in an armchair.

A protected invention by Aniversal Gbr, two sisters who were always annoyed of getting arms asleep, cold fingers and uncomfortable positions while reading.

The Leselotte consists of two parts connected with Velcro strip: A book cover and a cushion.


The default envelope (21 x 15 cm) is suitable for bound books. For smaller books you can take the cover (19 x 13 cm). Larger books fit into the envelope XL (25 x 20 cm).


The cushion has a diameter of about 20 cm and is filled with polystyrene balls.


The cover is made of 100% cotton and is available in twelve colors. After removing the cardboard inserts, the Leselotte can be washed by hand.

How Do I use it?


Set the book in the cover, which is secured with rubber bands. So it cannot slip. With the Velcro strip the cover is attached to the cushion. The cover can also be used separately. Now the book remains lying in the desired position. Only the pages need to be held down.

Where can I get it?

The Leselotte can be ordered from the inventors directly.
Available in various sizes and colors.

price: 29,90 €


I always wanted to test a Leselotte because I usually get very unhealthy postures while reading. Neck pain, back pain and fatigue are the consequences. Since I have the Leselotte reading makes more fun because finally I lie/sit comfortable. Pain occurs much less and I can read as long as I want. A very great invention! Every book lover should it try. 🙂