Impressions of our wedding

Impressions of our wedding

Hello my Beauties,

How are you?
With today’s post I would like to show you some impressions of our wedding. Civil and religious.
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed it to the fullest!

Hope you are happy about the pictures!

Let me know if you like it 🙂

Civil (based in Germany)

Religious (based in Italy)


Some things are changing…

Hello my Beauties, are you fine? I hope so.

I’ve been absent for a while … some things in my life are very busy at the moment. On the one hand the renovation of our apartment. Still missing a few pieces of furniture but the biggest is done!

Secondly, it’s time soon … in just 2 weeks is our wedding! Arghhhhhhhhhhh! Can’t believe it!

Here are some impressions from our everyday life, I hope you enjoy!

What’s new? I try to be more present 🙂


Wedding fair 2016

Good first Advent my dear ones,
How are you? Are you already in Christmas mood? My cookies are just in the oven and I use the time to tell you about my visit at the wedding fair.

The fair took place in Friedrichshafen on 12 + 13 November. I went there with my boy friend, of course :-).

From dresses to decor, to hairstyle, wedding car, honeymoon – everything was represented at the fair!

It was great! The atmosphere is unique, an indescribable feeling! And you always get inspiration!

Have you ever visited a Wedding fair? Who of you is already married?

The 1. dress

Hello beauties, 

Yesterday it  was an exciting day: I found my first BRIDE DRESS for the civil ceremony! Arghhhhhhhh! My mom accompanied me, I could not have someone better. ❤️

And to be honest i was relatively fast. I immediately fell in love with the one dress. 

Next step: the wedding dress for the church. 

Beautiful Sunday my dear ones!

And the dress? 

Hello beauties,

since we announced our wedding, the most people (especially girls) asked this one question „do you already know how you want your dress?“. Nope!

It sounds strange but i really don’t know… 

Yesterday i bought for the first time a wedding magazine – just for fun, getting inspired.

On December i have an appointement with the Atelier, in italy. Then i will decide. Until then I do not want to have strict ideas. 

I will see that one dress and it will surprise me, i know it for sure. ❤️ 
How was your „wedding dress story“?

Let me know…