#Lacquered 2 – Manhattan Last & Shine 530 Party Princess

Glitter polish with silver and a bright shade of red. You rarely see this Color.

price: 3,49 €
content: 10 ml


The paint has a broad brush, which makes the job without any problems. I think the square lid fits comfortably in your hand, I had a good grip by painting.



The nail polish I tested was in two layers covering. Especially the paints with metallic finish needs a second layer. So opacity: okay.


With a good topcoat the nail polish holds for five days. I would say the durability corresponds to other drug store nail polishes such as p2, Essence. So durability: okay.



I ‚m going definitely to buy more of the coatings, because the color choice is really very big. Especially in the points order & price the nail polish convinced me.

How do you find this color? Have you already tried Manhattans new nail polishes?