Lush Haul

Hello my friends,

this weekend I was in Stuttgart for shopping. Of course I could not make a stop at Lush. Anyone who follows me longer knows how much I love and support Lush.

Lush Cosmetics is fresh and handmade with fresh fruits, vegetables and essential oils. Free from animal experiments, 100 % vegetarian, 35 % unpacked and the rest wrapped in recycled packaging.

And…all their products smell just delicious!

I bought:

  • Shower gel Beautiful

    IMG_0649price: 8,50 €
    content: 100 ml

  • Hair condition Veganese

    IMG_0650price: 6,50 €
    content: 500 ml

  • Shower scrub Rub Rub Rub

    IMG_0647price: 14,35 €
    content: 220 ml

  • Bath bomb Intergalatic

    IMG_0642price: 5,95 €
    content: 200 g

Do you know Lush?
What are your favorite products?