Mini Müller #haul

Hi Beauties,

once again I was in a drugstore. A few things were with, not much, because at the moment I am a radically consuming. 🙂


(1) Elvital Shampoo Clay Absolue Anti dandruff
(2) Essie nail polish „Watermelon“
(3) Catrice Eyeshadow „Peachahontas“
(4) Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red Coverstick


Do you know one of this products?


Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

Good evening my friends,

Today I want to introduce you to another highlight from the new Catrice assortment. Even the Camouflage Cream Catrice is an indispensable must-have for me when it comes to covering blemishes. But the concealer has again topped the whole thing, because my dark eye shadow finally belongs to the past. Why I’m so enthusiastic about this product, you will read now in this post.


The design

The packaging is very simple as well as in the Camouflage Cream. The color black dominates and is stopped by a transparent plastic tube. So you always have an eye on how much product is still in the vial.

The concealer has a fabric-covered applicator which thus enables a smooth and precise application. The product adheres very well advised and can be evenly and distributed in.

price: 3,49 €
content: 5ml


Formulation & Order

The consistency of the Concealer I would describe as a creamy and solid mass. Even when applying the product can barely shine through the skin, which is perfect for a high opacity.

In the application, however, you have to get some work done quickly, otherwise the product will dry quickli and leave behind unattractive borders that must be removed afterwards barely . To avoid this, I predict the order before gradually. Once I have applied some of the product to a particular point, I take my moistened makeup egg and knock the concealer gently. Thus, I have an even and natural result.



Finish & Durability

The finish is matt, I chosed the  nuance  020 Light Beige . The Liquid Concealer Camouflage is characterized, as well as a highlighter. So is a smooth and fresh result guaranteed.


Durability is simply amazing. The product sits even after a long working day in space and place. No deposits in the eye wrinkles and no mottled finish. It’s waterproof.


I will rebuy The Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer  in any case . It covers excellently , lasts all day and leaves a great finish. And all this for a small price!

Have you already looked at the concealer?