Lovediams mermaid brushes

Hallo Schönheiten, 🙋🏽‍♀️💕

kennt ihr schon die neuen Pinsel von lovediams? 💎❓

Netterweise durfte ich sie testen und bin begeistert! 👏🏼🙆🏽‍♀️

Allein das Design ist ein wahrer Hingucker. Die Meerjungfrauen-Optik darf in keiner Makeup-Junkie-Sammlung fehlen. Und das noch in rosé-gold! 😍💄

Das Set besteht aus 10 Makeuppinsel inklusive Pinseltasche ideal zum Verreisen. 🎒

Da ich demnächst nach Paris fahre, eignet sich das ideal und kommt auf jeden Fall mit! 🇫🇷😎

Die Pinsel sind alle vegan und super weich. Endlich mal eine Pinselpalette, die für das komplette Makeup ausgestattet ist. Von Foundation bis Augenmakeup und das alles kompakt in einem.💋

Falls ihr neugierig geworden seid, habt ihr die Möglichkeit mit meinem Code: ➡️ROROSA20⬅️ 20 % Rabatt auf das gesamte Sortiment von lovediams zu erhalten. 💎

Die Produkte erhält ihr auf Amazon und mein Code ist gültig bis 18.02.18, 23:59 Uhr.


Viel Spaß beim Shoppen! 🛍🛒

Eure Rosa 💓


Hello my darlings, hope you doing fine.

Today I want to tell you my personal opinion on the Beautyblender.


I wear my foundation usually with the Zoeva stippling brush 125. While browsing multiple blogs and videos, I came across the Beautyblender. Each beauty blogger has him, talks about it and so I became curious.


What is a Beautyblender?


The Beautyblender is a make-up sponge. The sponge was developed by the artist Rea Ann Silva Make Up to a professional and flawless finish while creating application of foundation, concealer, powder or other products. The Blender is made from a plastic foamed / resin based on polyurethane. It contains (as well as cleaner) no animal products and is therefore entirely suitable for a vegan lifestyle. He is free from latex and has no seams, so it is especially suitable for sensitive skin. By its shape you can easily apply your foundation also in points, where it’s hard to reach with your fingers or brushes (for example under the eyes, on the nose).

I bought the original Beautyblender and the Micro Mini Beautyblender with the cleaning fluid in the drugstore Müller.

price: 19,99 €

How do I use it?

The Beauty Blender can be applied both dry and wet. I’ve tried both versions and get better at foundation with the moist and concealer with the drier variant.

  • Moist variant
    Put the blender under water (I always use lukewarm water). The Beautyblender will get quite a bit of size. Now you express the sponge until it is just damp and not really wet.First distribute the foundation with your fingers on the face and then incorporate with the Beautyblender by pat.
  • dry variant
    Here, the sponge is simply dry. The application is exactly the same as in the moist variant.

How often do I clean the Beautyblender?


I clean my Beautyblender 3 times a week, at least after every second use. Therefore I use the Beautyblender cleaning fluid. Cleaning hereby actually works like I would use shampoo for my brushes. First I make the Beautyblender with lukewarm water completely wet. Then I give a small amount of the Beautycleanser on my palm and dab with the dirtiest place first in the cleaner. Then I rub the sponge few times and wash it out. I’ll do that for so long until the sponge is clean and no more cleaner is in him.

price: 14,99 €
content: 90 ml

Beautyblender Micro mini – What is the difference?


In contrast to the Beautyblender, the Micro Mini Beautyblender are specifically for contour, highlight, and precisely application of makeup into the smallest parts of the face. This makeup blender lets you perfect apply makeup into the inner eye corners, brow bones, sides of nose, cheeks, and more. Designed with exclusive beautyblender® material and one fourth the size of the original sponge, these non-disposable micro mini sponges are the perfect tool for concealing small areas.

Can be applied both dry and wet like the original Beautyblender.


price: 19,99 €

My opinion on the Beauty Blender

I tested the Beautyblender and the Micro Mini Beautyblender with the cleaning fluid now about one month. I admit that I certainly had my problems with the first uses of the Blenders, because I had to get used to the new management. With each use of the Beautyblender it was easier to handle. I really like him as a tool and use it every second day actually. You get a wonderful natural, streak-free finish. Although I do still like my brush for applying foundation, but the Beautyblender has become routine as an integral part of my make-up and I don’t want to miss it anymore.


How do you wear your foundation?
Do you have experience with the Beauty blender?

Lush Haul

Hello my friends,

this weekend I was in Stuttgart for shopping. Of course I could not make a stop at Lush. Anyone who follows me longer knows how much I love and support Lush.

Lush Cosmetics is fresh and handmade with fresh fruits, vegetables and essential oils. Free from animal experiments, 100 % vegetarian, 35 % unpacked and the rest wrapped in recycled packaging.

And…all their products smell just delicious!

I bought:

  • Shower gel Beautiful

    IMG_0649price: 8,50 €
    content: 100 ml

  • Hair condition Veganese

    IMG_0650price: 6,50 €
    content: 500 ml

  • Shower scrub Rub Rub Rub

    IMG_0647price: 14,35 €
    content: 220 ml

  • Bath bomb Intergalatic

    IMG_0642price: 5,95 €
    content: 200 g

Do you know Lush?
What are your favorite products?



Today I want to introduce you products from the brand just cosmetics. Just Cosmetics , the brand for decorative cosmetics , combines high quality , trendy colors , innovative textures , new forms and fair pricing. The following products were sent to me for testing. Big thanks for that!


This highly pigmented, metallic eye shadow provides an extravagant eye makeup with a luminous radiance. The creamy texture powder adheres well and does not settle in the crease. My tip for a more intense color result: Apply wet with a drop of water.

price: 2,99 €



Mega – volume, ultimate compression and perfectly fanned lashes united in a mascara. For a glamorous false lash effect from root to tip.

price: 3,49 €



This silky matte powder blush with integrated Primer convinces through durability and brilliant colors. It can be blinding light and provides a contoured, fresh and radiant complexion.

price: 3,49 €



This delicate, natural mattifying concealer perfectly hides skin imperfections and redness. Long-lasting, water-resistant and ideal for traveling – for a silky – matte finish!

price: 3,49 €



This innovative nail polish formula with Plumping Effect gives an ultimate high- gloss finish. The broad professional brush painted the nail plate without leaving streaks on a train.

And the color… just amazing! Has hold for 5 days.

price: 1,99 €



This highly pigmented liquid lipstick with precious cocoa butter ensures long-lasting, intense color brilliance. Maximum color output is guaranteed by the long Doefoot applicator. A great product!

price: 3,49 €



This soft, color-rich and easy – veneered Khol eyeliner ensures perfectly defined eye contours. He is long-lasting, smudge-proof and water-resistant and is suitable for precise contours as well as for shades on the lower lash line or on the eyelids.

price: 1,79 €



This highly pigmented matte lipstick provides high ink release and is distinguished by its excellent sharpness and durability. Moisture-retaining film formers and quality oils protect the lips and give at the same time a matte finish.

 price: 2,29 €



 This tinted, smudge-proof and waterproof Eyebrow Gel brings and keeps unruly eyebrows all day long in shape. The nylon hairs act compacting and leave gaps disappear.

 price: 3,49 €



Overall Just Cosmetics has launched a number of products on the market, which one should pay attention to. My personal highlight is the intense finish lipstick, I would buy in other colors. Small drawback: Just Cosmetics is available only in Budni stores or online.

Therefore, I forgive a total of 3/5 points for the test suite.

Do you have experience with these products?


[CLOSED] Giveaway Astor Fashion Studio Chic Countryside Matte Collection

 With Astor through the autumn


Hello my dears,

Today I want to introduce you the great nail polishes from the Astor Fashion Studio Chic Countryside Matte Collection, which were kindly provided for testing and give away. Since mid-September the limited coatings of ASTOR are available in the drugstore . From pale rosé, elegant gold on to a beautiful green.

You have the opportunity to win these great nail polishes. 🙂

Are they not perfect for autumn?? This Limited Edition includes 8 colors, they are all matt:

  • #400 Pink MuffinA delicate rosé tone fit for everyday wear. Already the first layer is very opaque, I prefer 2 layers. Dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6mlIMG_0199
  • #401 Cherry PieCherry pie is my favorite from this edition. A peachy tone with a slight golden shimmer. A dream! Fits daytime and evening. Dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6ml


  • #402 Mohair Red CoatA classic red that should not be missed in any nail polish collection. Can be worn in every season. And the matt finish : Simply WOW! Dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6ml



  • #403 Garnet Gloves
    An elegant wine red. For me definitely a color for autumn/ winter. Can be good combined to silver and gold. Dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6ml


  • #407  Winter is coming
    A real eyecather, very glamorous ! A bronze – brown shade with a hint of shimmer . Covered with 2-3 layers. Dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6ml


  • #412 Home sweet home„Home sweet home“reminds me of my warm sweater, with a cup of tea , on the couch . A nice, warm gray. I love this color! Dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6ml


  • #410 Silf scarfA very chic color is also „Silk Scarf“. A silky, beautiful green – gives the look something very special. Dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6ml


  • #414 Early DawnLast but not least is the blue shade “ Early Dawn “ . Is applied in 2 layers and dries in about 3 minutes.
    price: ca. 3 €/ 6ml

4 Displays with a 24 nail polishes (3x per color) can be won on my blog here, 5 displays on my Instagram profile. You can participate on both platforms, but only one person can ever get a package.


conditions of participation blog

1. Leave me a comment under this post, what do you think of these colors and why you want to win.
2. If you are under 18, I need the consent of your parents in case of winning.
3. Living in Germany or Austria.
4. The content ends on 17.10.15 at 0:00 o’clock. The winner will be announced on 18.10.15 randomly. (
5. The legal process is excluded.
6. There is no liability for lost or damaged goods.

The winner / the winner will be notified by me with an answer to the participating comment.

Conditions of participation for Instagram you can find here.

I wish you all good luck 🙂

The products were provided free to me.



A few days ago I received a packet of Yves Rocher for testing. You can find all this products online or in their catalog.


  • Lipstick – Bromberry 

    This lipstick has struck me because of the flowery packaging. A sweet, light packaging, perfect for traveling. I chose the color Bromberry, because as you know I love darker tones. On the lips, however, she seemed to me a little brighter – rather pink. It’s not highly pigmented, for me wonderful for every day. Very discreet.

price: 3,99 €
content: 3,5 g


  • Nourishing Lip Balm Karité 

    Of this product I expected more. Since the recipe has changed, I can advise against buying. No comparison to the old care sticks. It feels less supple, and shortly afterwards the lips are dry again. In addition, the smell is not pleasant. I hope that the old formula will be used again.

price: 1,99 €
content: 4,8 g

  • Nail varnish Couleur Vegetale Camélia Nacré 

    This varnish has pleasantly surprised me. The bottle comes in a sleek design which I really liked. Also applying was easy thanks the innovative brush.Despite brighter nuance I found him very color intensive, long-lasting and gentle on the nails. I would also like to test the other colors.

price: 2,99 €
content: 5 ml

  • Repair-BodyMilk 

    From this body milk I ‚m really excited. It supplies the skin with building materials and repairs them. The skin is supple, soft and visibly fairer. It also smells very good. I have an extremely sensitive skin but I assure you it also helps in drier skin. I use it daily and I am very satisfied . My skin feels better.pice: 4,99 €
    content: 150 ml


  • Duftspray Monoi 

    When I use this spray, I feel like being on holiday. It moisturizes and gives a gentle sea breeze envelops with an exotic fragrance. The texture with organic aloe vera spreads easily and provides intensive care. The skin feels soft and smells of monoi. But I must say, this fragrance does not like everyone. You love it or hate it.  I love it!

pice: 5,95 €
content: 125 ml

  • Cleaning mask Sebo Végétal 

    If my skin feels unclean I always use this mask. The clay absorbs excess sebum immediately. The pores are cleaned by the depth of and my skin feels clean , like new.

The skin is matted and refreshed. Normally I take this mask once a week.

pice: 6,45 €
cntent: 75 ml

  • Shower gel Jardins du monde – pomegranate and lime

I love love love the shower gels from Yves Rocher. From pomegranate to lime, they all smell insanely good. The fragrance is very fruity without being intrusive. It’s very efficient and leaves a good feeling on the skin without drying. I can only recommend.

pice: 1,99 €
cntent: 200 ml

Basically, I am very satisfied with Yves Rocher. I like the natural ingredients in their products. That makes Yves Rocher so special. In addition, the customer service was always friendly.

Do you have experience with Yves Rocher?


trend IT UP – Be a voice. Not an echo.


How many of you already know has d&m a new makeup brand. It’s called trend IT UP and offers a wide range of cosmetics: from nail polish to trendy lipsticks – Trend IT UP is always up-to-date.

I was really surprised as I received a package of d&m with this new products. Believe me I was curious like a child. Big thanks to d&m!

Now let’s look at the products in detail.

Alone the design has very awarded me. Trend it up presents itself in a very modern but at the same time elegant variant.

I was able to test the following products:

Lipstick Ultra Matte 040

Everyone who likes a matt finish, will love this lipstick. The color-intensive Ultra Matte Lipstick gives a highly opaque and ultra matte finish with silky feel on the lips. Emphasizes the look with an unique elegance . A pleasantly delicate vanilla – coconut – caramel includes the whole product.

Price: 2,25 €
ontent: 4,2 g



High Shine Lipgloss 020

Who does not dream of full, tempting lips? The High Shine Lip Gloss with precious Argan oil gives the lips pure perfection. The brush perfectly controls the application and provides the optical push- up effect. Very pleasant without sticking on the lips.

price: 3,25 €
content: 5 ml


Nailpolish N° 1 050

Is this bottle not sweet ? Many attractive colors are now available in mini format. The N ° 1 nail polishes convinces with high opacity, durability and a perfect flat brush. A must-have for all fashionistas. Available in 16 top trendy colors.

price: 1,25 €
content: 6 ml

Double Volume & Shine Nail Polish

The larger version of the trend it up nail polishes promises glossy and an exceptionally gel nails effect. Again, the application is facilitated by the flat brush.

Available in 27 irresistible colors – from high fashion to classic and elegant.

price: 2,25 €
content: 11 ml

Overall, I like the new brand very much. Good quality at a fair price. And very important : no animal testing . I look forward to the other products and limited Editions.

Have you already tested the new products?




Hello beautiful  people ,

A little earlier, I want to show you my September favorites  that have accompanied me this month.

5 favorite products

Clinique – CC Cream

The CC cream has a sun protection of 30 so it’s ideal for me.  It covers and corrects my skin, moisturizes and lasts all day. I have tested several CC creams but nothing has convinced me like this.

Chloé – See by Chloé / Eau de Parfum

I wanted this parfume for a long time. The top note is bergamot  with the base notes musk, sandalwood and vanilla, all playing around the heart note composed of Yasmin and Ylang Ylang. A very flowery and oriental fragrance, that can be worn both in summer and winter.

Rimmel lasting finish by Kate Moss lipstick – Nr. 01

I absolutely love this color! It’s darker than the typical cherry red, but it’s not a burgundy.

The formula is moist, well-pigmented, smooth and creamy, and smells sweet and sort of fruity. I surely will purchase more of these lipsticks.

Essie – Maximillian Straße-Her

The quality of Essie convinced me every time anew. A dirty turquoise -mint, which fits surprisingly well to any everyday outfit. At this time I wear it very often. Belongs with marshmallow and fiji to my currently favorites.

Nivea – fresh pure deodorant

I always try new aluminum-free deodorants  and many of them have really disappointed me.

The spray I bought twice  and I am still satisfied with his action. It is well tolerated , smells good and does its job . In addition, very important: without aluminum! ( ACH )