Lovediams mermaid brushes

Hallo Schönheiten, 🙋🏽‍♀️💕

kennt ihr schon die neuen Pinsel von lovediams? 💎❓

Netterweise durfte ich sie testen und bin begeistert! 👏🏼🙆🏽‍♀️

Allein das Design ist ein wahrer Hingucker. Die Meerjungfrauen-Optik darf in keiner Makeup-Junkie-Sammlung fehlen. Und das noch in rosé-gold! 😍💄

Das Set besteht aus 10 Makeuppinsel inklusive Pinseltasche ideal zum Verreisen. 🎒

Da ich demnächst nach Paris fahre, eignet sich das ideal und kommt auf jeden Fall mit! 🇫🇷😎

Die Pinsel sind alle vegan und super weich. Endlich mal eine Pinselpalette, die für das komplette Makeup ausgestattet ist. Von Foundation bis Augenmakeup und das alles kompakt in einem.💋

Falls ihr neugierig geworden seid, habt ihr die Möglichkeit mit meinem Code: ➡️ROROSA20⬅️ 20 % Rabatt auf das gesamte Sortiment von lovediams zu erhalten. 💎

Die Produkte erhält ihr auf Amazon und mein Code ist gültig bis 18.02.18, 23:59 Uhr.


Viel Spaß beim Shoppen! 🛍🛒

Eure Rosa 💓

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Collection

Hello my Beauties, are you fine? Did you start the new year well?

I have news in the field of beauty for you! Sally Hansen was so nice and sent me 5 beautiful paints from the new Color Therapy collection. I was very happy and thank you again at this point!

As a nail polish freak I already know Sally Hansen, I have some nail polish with me at home and has not been disappointed so far.

What is special about the new Color Therapy collection?

With this new collection, Sally Hansen combines color and care. The varnishes not only shine, but nurture the nails extensively during the wearing.

With Color Therapy, Sally Hansen launches his first nail polish, which combines rich colors with nourishing argan oil.

Equally 14 stunning colors, Sally Hansen has developed together with Global Color Ambassador and Nail Trend expert Madeline Poole. Color Coat, Top Coat and Cuticle Oil to wear beautiful colors, which groom at the same time.

The nail varnishes are available since 16 January 2017 for each 9.99 €.

The Color Palettes

The Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil gives the nails and the nail skin comprehensive care and a healthy appearance.

The Color Therapy Top Coat provides a shiny finish and preserves the nails before fading and improve the hold.

The 14 nail polishes are divided into the following colors:

– Red / violet

–  Pink / Coral

– Nudes

I was able to try the following for you:

210 Re-Nude

A very everyday nude, which fits every occasion. The result is neat, subtle nails. Perfect for the natural look.

150 Steely Serene

A great mix of gray and beige. With this color you definitely stand in the center! Very elegant.

370 Unwine’d

A beautiful, strong Bordeaux tone for women who know what they want! Expressive rich tone with brilliant effect.

The applicator allows a fine, precise application and the nail varnishing becomes a children’s play.


I find the new Color Therapy collection very good. The color selection is great and with all 3 I was very satisfied. In the 2 lighter tones I used a second layer, which is however normal. The order was optimized thanks to the wider brush. The nails have been beautiful, full shine and held for 5-6 days. The price is slightly higher than usual paints but it is worth it all the time. Sally Hansen has done a good job again!

Will you try the new paints? Do you have experience with Sally Hansen?


Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter

Hello Beauties,


Today’s post is a little longer, because ASTOR has kindly provided me the entire, currently available range of the Soft Sensation Lipcolor. 25 Lipcolor in 4 finishes I will introduce you today – I’m sure for everyone is something there.


Stay tuned to the end, because from today, there is the chance to win this great box on the ASTOR Facebook page.

price: 7.49 € 
content: 5 g
shelf life: 30 months

The design



Externally, these lipcolor butters are a real eye-catcher. All pins are constructed visually similar, color-matched to the content, have the matching color cap and are equipped with a gold rotating mechanism. This golden conclusion is missing at the Supreme Care and Mat Series. But even without gold, a true dream for every woman!


The mechanism I find very successful, the Lipbutter can be funded from the sleeve, clean and without jerking and can be used until the end.


Swatches and carrying pictures

SoftSensation Lipcolor Butter Ultra Vibrant


ASTOR says about the Ultra Vibrant series:

„The Lipcolor butter for intense color, pleasant, long durability and brilliant shine: long-lasting color and moisture, tapered tip for precise application, intense opacity, no fading.“

(1) Ultra Vibrant Color – Pretty In Fuchsia
Pretty In Fuchsia is an extremely pink, almost hot pink that pops neatly. The color is intense and covers very well. A shiny finish provides not extremely long, but good support.


(2) Ultra Vibrant Color – Plump It
Plump It is a plump colored cool rust, with purple undertones. Again with shiny finish.The opacity of the color is not quite as intense, so that your own lip color light shines through.


(3) Ultra Vibrant Color – Natural Flirt
Flirt Natural is a color for the Nude lovers among us. With slight opacity of the soft clay forms on every lip color a very unique result and has no stain. Again, the glossy finish for a pleasant feeling on the lips makes


(4) Ultra Vibrant Color Keep In Touch
Keep In Touch is a classic tomato red with slightly orange undertone. The opacity and pigmentation are very good here and keep a long time on the lips.


Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Supreme Care – NEW 2016 –


ASTOR says about the Supreme Care series:

„Soft, shiny and incredibly caring – the SoftSensation Lipcolor Butter Supreme Care donates lips maximum care and moisture and gives a silky shimmering finish: Gives silky soft and full-looking lips, the lips directly supplied with the maximum moisture, provides a comfortable, lightweight support, combines the convenience of a lipstick and the shine of a lip gloss, allows precise application by the beveled tip.“

The Supreme Care series is a brand new product and completes it with other 4 colors:

(1) Supreme Care Fluffy Rose
A decent Barbie pink with a lot of glitter, as one actually knows it only from Gloss. Delicately melting and super creamy slides Nuance lips, the color is sheer, but can apply with repeated easily be intensified.


(2) Supreme Care Peachy Sweet
Peachy Sweet shows a tender Mandarin Orange and is also only lightly pigmented. Gives a touch of color but looks still natural.


(3) Supreme Care Dewy Plum
Dewy Plum is also delighted those who like to wear nudes. I would describe the color as rosewood, with a slight pigmentation and shiny finish. Again, the own lip color shine through and is just a touch of color conjure up the face.


(4) Supreme Care Coco Nude
And another nude shade has come in the four new shades with the assortment. Coco Nude I like very well, by the slightly brownish tint, little is pigmented and also leaves the lip color shine through easily, so that it at every showing an individual result.


SoftSensation Lipcolor butter Mat


ASTOR says about the mat series:

„Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Mat is an all-round miracle. It combines color intensity and durability of a lipstick with the indulgent moisture of Balms and the precision of a Lip Liners – for a modern, matte finish. Rich velvety matte finish, has the color and long durability of a lipstick, moisturizes like a balm, protects the lips from drying, tapered tip for precise application.”

The series has been extended to the color Vintage Chic – just amazing!

(1) Mat Vivid Divine
Vivid Divine is a light Pink and shines like mad. Maximum pigmentation, strong stain and an even result.


(2) Mat Cheeky Girl
Cheeky Girl, a soft strawberry-red, has a very nice, very intense pigmentation. The mat series is the series with the most color and the longest shelf life.


(3) Mat Royal Diva
This was my first ASTOR Lipbutter and I just love it! A dark Bordeaux, which is no longer need to hide and really responsive.


4) Mat Elegant Nude
Elegant Nude is my all-time favorite and my personal daily color. Rather dark rosewood as pure Nude, but for me this intense, unobtrusive color is just perfect.


(5) Mat Vintage Chic – NEW 2016 –
Vintage Chic has already catched me on the press images and for me it was clear that this color – a dark blood red – must get absolutely with me at home. This color is very brand new in range and joins the mat series, where the finish rather Semi-Matt is. Despite a rich color result and a good durability.


SoftSensation Lipcolor Butter


ASTOR says about the series:

„Lipcolor butter color, care and shine in one: Does the color and durability of a lipstick, moisturizes like a balm, shines like a gloss, care for dry lips, tapered tip for precise application.“

(1) Loved Up
Loved Up is a very light color with a  care and a shiny, neat finish. So if you do not like color and not necessarily looking for a pure lip balm, which is with this nude shade have a lot of fun.


(2) Caramel Envy
Caramel Envy is Loved Up quite similar, is only in the soft color a blow brighter. Again, more is just a hint of color in the foreground and the neat-looking lips, than anything else. Dark lips appear again more pronounced, making the color even after lip color unique.


(3) Pretty Poppy
Pretty Poppy is a bright orange, the color contrasts sharply with the first two tones. The color is not intense coverage – also being considered as the series – but makes a nice splash of color on the face.


(4) Delicate Lilac
Delicate Lilac is a very bright mauve, which has a nearly white undertone. Lila is certainly not an everyday color, of course not, not but it’s a special color for everyone who loves colorful looks.


(5) Hug Me
Hug Me arises in the series of nude shades behind and shows up with a shiny rosewood tone also as one of my favorites.


(6) Pink Lady
Pink Lady is a Barbie Pink without glitter particles. Suitable for those who wish to only grope at Rosa or just want a nuance color on the lips.


(7) Feeling Feline
Feeling Feline was already a hit, all the girls were in the hunt for this peachig-rosy color that brings a beautifully neutral result on the lips.


(8) unguilty Pleasure
Unguilty Pleasure has quite a decent shot color and lights bright on the lips. The result is uniform and can, depending on your preference, be strengthened or built up through multiple layers. The bright raspberry makes especially in summer fun!


(9) Magic Magenta
Magic Magenta is, as one might almost suspect a gaudy magenta tone and bright intense. These Nuance has the ability to customize the color depending on your mood on the lips more or less problematic. Nourishing effect included!


(10) Amazon Chic
Amazon Chic is a darker brown tones. Can be associated to every look and gives a kind on chocolate finish on your lips. Mhmm I love it!


(11) Cheeky Cherry
Cheeky Cherry is a shining and pretty well pigmented cherry red, with slightly pink undertone.


 (12) Va Va Voum
Va Va Voum is somewhat more intense than Cheeky Cherry and reminiscent of a juicy strawberry red without undertone. The color output is great, but can – be worn something thief or very intense – as already mentioned several times. Again, by the high-gloss finish a somewhat limited shelf life, but quick tightening is possible and the result is always uniform.


My conclusion


I am excited about the ASTOR Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter, the wide variety of textures and colors I find great. From matte to glossy over gaudy and natural. Very pleasantly I was surprised about  the durability and the pigmentation for this price .Also  the fragrance is very pleasant and can be applied precisely with a touch of care. Clear purchase recommendation, look at this lipcolor butter, absolutely!

Do you know the ASTOR Lipcolor Butters? Which color do you like?



Bioderma – Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

A wonderful morning my Lovely,

Here I am again with a review – namely the world famous Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. My eye makeup remover went empty, so I decided to test the very hyped Micelle Solution.


I bought it on Amazon for 19.99 €, contains 500 ml, but there is also a practical size for 250 ml – just for testers or trips suitable.

Water, PEG-6 caprylic / capric glycerides, Propylene Glycol, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, mannitol, xylitol, rhamnose, Fructooligosaccarides, Disodium EDTA, Cetrimonium Bromide.

Pour the clear solution on a cotton pad and rub over the skin so long until no residue remains. With strong, waterproof makeup you need 2-3 cotton pads. A rinsing is not necessary.

The smell is pleasant, very neutral. The dosing proceeds smoothly, the applicator allows a good dose without the cotton pad to soak.


The removal of makeup goes effortlessly. It passes over the skin until there is nothing to see. For persistent eye makeup and waterproof mascara, you need something more, but it removes everything.

What I noticed positive is that the Bioderma Micelle Solution is incredibly gentle to the skin. It leaves a pure, soothed skin. Irritation I could not find. Highly recommended for sensitive, delicate skin.

The only drawback is the price. For me, it’s still too expensive, because as you know, we consume makeup removers fairly quickly. Also to get it, is not so simple. Either in pharmacies or on the Internet.

Have you already tested? Do you know a good Dupe?

#Favorites April 16′

Hello my dears,

A new month has begun , so there are now my favorites in April.


(1) Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre, Nr. 25 Peche Clair
This powder is extremely fine, leaves a great finish . The skin is radiant and like porcelain. I used it mainly for setting the concealer. Great product and great packaging.

(2) Rituals Calming Bed & Body Mist
A wonderful fragrance of white lotus and yi yi ren . A few drops are enough to enchant the room. I loved it to spray on my bedclothes before going to sleep.

(3) L’Occitane hand cream Pivoine Flora
A rich hand cream which reminds of a field full of flowers . Fitting with the season 🙂

Do you know one of these products ?

May Beauty Incredible Face Mask

Good morning Beauties,

Everyone who is interested in skin care knows face masks well. Personally I try 1-2 times a week to make a mask. I feel so my skin to do something good. And the skin feeling afterwards is indescribable!

Kindly I was able to test a Trial Set of the Incredible Face Mask of Maybeauty, a peel-off mask of deep mud. The set consists of 5 face masks and 1 SPA brush.


It promises to remove dander, oils and blackheads in a few minutes, prevent acne and keep the skin clean and healthy.



Step 1: Put the mask on your face,
Step 2: Leave the mask for 30 – to dry 45 minutes,
Step 3: Remove the mask and you’ll see how fall blackheads and skin particles,
Step 4: Feel how soft and pure your skin feels after treatment.


The mask is best applied with a brush, because the color and consistency is still very intense. This means that no mishaps.

When I saw the color, I was honestly a little scared because I’ve never tried one such dark mask. Using the brush, it could be applied without any problems. Smell is neutral.

The mask should remain on the face for 30-45 minutes.

In the time I watched an episode on Netflix. 🙂

After 45 minutes, I had the feeling that the mask is dry enough to be removed.

Removing the mask was uncomfortable because it drew out everything. (Also hairs if available.)

After a few breaks, the mask was completely removed. When present, residues can be washed off with warm water. My skin was still irritated some of the drawing, but that faded quickly. What then was left was a great feeling on the skin. A pure, soft and radiant skin.

My conclusion 

Basically I found the mask well. They served their purpose, cleans pores and removes the most stubborn dirt. The skin feels clean and soft.

The only drawback is the unpleasant pulling the removal of the mask. But you get used to after several applications.


Then you have now the opportunity to get each mask set with 30% discount. Simply use the link below and the discount code will be automatically activated.

Have fun with it! It is worthwhile in any case.

Does anyone know these masks already? What experience did you make?


Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara

Hello my Beauties,

Are you fine?

A few days ago I received a package from Rossmann with the new mascara from Max Factor: Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara.

Since I had this mascara already in mind, I was even more happy to be able to test.

The design

The mascara comes in an elegant Turquoise Gold. Basically, I find mascaras from Max Factor very nice, they are simple but classy. This variant, more colorful, is also very pretty.



Price: € 12.90
Content: 13,1 ml


What I immediately noticed was the large, spiral brush. Such a brush I never tried to deceive my eyelashes. And frankly, I was a little unsure. I was concerned how I would cope with this brush, because it is relatively large in comparison to other mascaras. Due to the size of the brush I was afraid to mess uncontrollably and to afford a dirty work.




For me, the brush is frankly too large, which makes it hard to reach all eyelashes in interior and exterior angles. I had to work very carefully and slowly, and in the morning I don’t have this time, unfortunately. However, I like the rubber slats very much, because they separate the lashes very well and give plenty of color. The lashes are lifted a little and get a beautiful swing. It also dries very quickly, which I think is great.

However, the price I find too high because there are in my opinion, cheaper and better options nowadays in the drugstore. Probably it will not be my favorite Mascara but I will like to use to end.

Do you know this product already? How do you like the result?



Empties #1


(1) Garnier Body Urea Moisturizer
I love this moisturizer and buy them for years repeatedly after . For me, this is the only cream that is rich and cares my skin all day. Especially in winter, when my skin is very dry.
I’ll buy again.

(2) Isana Intensiv Lip Balm
A very effective lip balm. Cares intensively and leaves a nice feeling on the lips. It is also very cheap ! In lip care I remain rare in one. I like trying out new.
I’ll not but again.

(3) Essence Lash Princess Mascara
I think this Mascara is good for the small price . But it has not fully convinced me. There are better ones.
I’ll not buy again.

(4) Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Concealer
A great concealer! Also, the sponge is convenient , although I do not think it’s very hygienic. Too bad that there are only 2 shades.
I’ll not buy again.

(5) L’Oreal Super Liner Eyeliner
My absolute favorite Eyeliner. It can be precisely applied , has a strong color and lasts all day .
I’ll buy again.

(6) Bebe Young Care  Cleaning Wipes
These wipes clean not only good , but also nourish the skin . The skin feels afterwards very soft and purified .
I’ll buy again.

Do you know one of this products?





#Lacquered 3 – Essie Petal Pushers


Hello my beauties,

For those who could not acquire Pedal Pushers during the LE, good news: Pedal Pushers is now in the Essie standard range. I was so happy!


price: 7,95 €
content: 13,5 ml

Although this color is not very spring-like, it is something very special. At first glance it appears very greyish and inconspicuous. In order, however, you notice the color is a mixture of gray and blue. I would describe it as pigeon grey blue – very elegant and delicate, sometimes more grey, sometimes more bluish.


I am continually impressed by the Essie – brushes! The width is perfect, the brush fans out pleasant and super rounded. If I do my best I can paint my nails easily with a brush stroke!

A color that fits in my opinion to many outfits. Uncomplicated but very chic, suitable for any occasion.


Do you like it?