Lovediams mermaid brushes

Hallo Schönheiten, 🙋🏽‍♀️💕

kennt ihr schon die neuen Pinsel von lovediams? 💎❓

Netterweise durfte ich sie testen und bin begeistert! 👏🏼🙆🏽‍♀️

Allein das Design ist ein wahrer Hingucker. Die Meerjungfrauen-Optik darf in keiner Makeup-Junkie-Sammlung fehlen. Und das noch in rosé-gold! 😍💄

Das Set besteht aus 10 Makeuppinsel inklusive Pinseltasche ideal zum Verreisen. 🎒

Da ich demnächst nach Paris fahre, eignet sich das ideal und kommt auf jeden Fall mit! 🇫🇷😎

Die Pinsel sind alle vegan und super weich. Endlich mal eine Pinselpalette, die für das komplette Makeup ausgestattet ist. Von Foundation bis Augenmakeup und das alles kompakt in einem.💋

Falls ihr neugierig geworden seid, habt ihr die Möglichkeit mit meinem Code: ➡️ROROSA20⬅️ 20 % Rabatt auf das gesamte Sortiment von lovediams zu erhalten. 💎

Die Produkte erhält ihr auf Amazon und mein Code ist gültig bis 18.02.18, 23:59 Uhr.


Viel Spaß beim Shoppen! 🛍🛒

Eure Rosa 💓

Honeymoon 2018

Honeymoon 2018

Hello hello!

What’s going on?

The wedding is over, the next planning can come: our honeymoon!

Since we are flying into the honeymoon only next year, we have enough time to think of something very special. Because that’s important to us: it has to be something special. Just lying on the beach is not enough for us, we want to see something!

And for that I need your help!

Do you have any good tips and goals?
I would be very grateful for nice honeymoon destinations! 🙂


Sally Hansen Color Therapy Collection

Hello my Beauties, are you fine? Did you start the new year well?

I have news in the field of beauty for you! Sally Hansen was so nice and sent me 5 beautiful paints from the new Color Therapy collection. I was very happy and thank you again at this point!

As a nail polish freak I already know Sally Hansen, I have some nail polish with me at home and has not been disappointed so far.

What is special about the new Color Therapy collection?

With this new collection, Sally Hansen combines color and care. The varnishes not only shine, but nurture the nails extensively during the wearing.

With Color Therapy, Sally Hansen launches his first nail polish, which combines rich colors with nourishing argan oil.

Equally 14 stunning colors, Sally Hansen has developed together with Global Color Ambassador and Nail Trend expert Madeline Poole. Color Coat, Top Coat and Cuticle Oil to wear beautiful colors, which groom at the same time.

The nail varnishes are available since 16 January 2017 for each 9.99 €.

The Color Palettes

The Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil gives the nails and the nail skin comprehensive care and a healthy appearance.

The Color Therapy Top Coat provides a shiny finish and preserves the nails before fading and improve the hold.

The 14 nail polishes are divided into the following colors:

– Red / violet

–  Pink / Coral

– Nudes

I was able to try the following for you:

210 Re-Nude

A very everyday nude, which fits every occasion. The result is neat, subtle nails. Perfect for the natural look.

150 Steely Serene

A great mix of gray and beige. With this color you definitely stand in the center! Very elegant.

370 Unwine’d

A beautiful, strong Bordeaux tone for women who know what they want! Expressive rich tone with brilliant effect.

The applicator allows a fine, precise application and the nail varnishing becomes a children’s play.


I find the new Color Therapy collection very good. The color selection is great and with all 3 I was very satisfied. In the 2 lighter tones I used a second layer, which is however normal. The order was optimized thanks to the wider brush. The nails have been beautiful, full shine and held for 5-6 days. The price is slightly higher than usual paints but it is worth it all the time. Sally Hansen has done a good job again!

Will you try the new paints? Do you have experience with Sally Hansen?


Wedding fair 2016

Good first Advent my dear ones,
How are you? Are you already in Christmas mood? My cookies are just in the oven and I use the time to tell you about my visit at the wedding fair.

The fair took place in Friedrichshafen on 12 + 13 November. I went there with my boy friend, of course :-).

From dresses to decor, to hairstyle, wedding car, honeymoon – everything was represented at the fair!

It was great! The atmosphere is unique, an indescribable feeling! And you always get inspiration!

Have you ever visited a Wedding fair? Who of you is already married?

Pumpkin soup

Hello hello beauties, how are you?

Today I desired to eat pumpkin. I love pumpkin, it is one of my favorites in autumn. Pumpkin can be cooked in many variations. And can be used also as decoration very well. I decided for pumpkin soup, easy and fast. Tastes good and is also very healthy!

– 1  kg pumpkin
– 200  potatoes
– 1 l vegetable broth
– 80 g white onions
– 1 pinch of black pepper
– 1 pinch of salt
– 60 g extra virgin olive oil
– 1 pinch of cinnamon
– 1 pinch of nutmeg

To prepare the pumpkin soup start preparing the vegetable broth. Then clean the pumpkin. Cut into slices and remove the peel and the seeds; at this point you will have to obtain 600 g of flesh, then cut into cubes.

 Peel the potatoes  and cut these into small cubes. Peel the onion, chop finely and then transfer it in a pan with the oil and let it fry on low heat.

Once the onion has changed color, add the pumpkin and potatoes. Also add a portion of the vegetable broth to cover the vegetables, the rest will be added later.

Spice up with salt and pepper. Cook over low heat for 25-30 minutes, adding more vegetable broth from time to time. Once the vegetables are cooked, remove from the heat and blend it all with a mixer, until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream. Then add cinnamon, nutmeg and mix together. Your pumpkin soup is now ready!

The pumpkin soup can be accompanied by croutons.

 Keep the pumpkin cream in the refrigerator for 2 days maximum. Alternatively it can be frozen!

Buon appetito!



The 1. dress

Hello beauties, 

Yesterday it  was an exciting day: I found my first BRIDE DRESS for the civil ceremony! Arghhhhhhhh! My mom accompanied me, I could not have someone better. ❤️

And to be honest i was relatively fast. I immediately fell in love with the one dress. 

Next step: the wedding dress for the church. 

Beautiful Sunday my dear ones!

And the dress? 

Hello beauties,

since we announced our wedding, the most people (especially girls) asked this one question „do you already know how you want your dress?“. Nope!

It sounds strange but i really don’t know… 

Yesterday i bought for the first time a wedding magazine – just for fun, getting inspired.

On December i have an appointement with the Atelier, in italy. Then i will decide. Until then I do not want to have strict ideas. 

I will see that one dress and it will surprise me, i know it for sure. ❤️ 
How was your „wedding dress story“?

Let me know…