Sally Hansen Color Therapy Collection

Hello my Beauties, are you fine? Did you start the new year well?

I have news in the field of beauty for you! Sally Hansen was so nice and sent me 5 beautiful paints from the new Color Therapy collection. I was very happy and thank you again at this point!

As a nail polish freak I already know Sally Hansen, I have some nail polish with me at home and has not been disappointed so far.

What is special about the new Color Therapy collection?

With this new collection, Sally Hansen combines color and care. The varnishes not only shine, but nurture the nails extensively during the wearing.

With Color Therapy, Sally Hansen launches his first nail polish, which combines rich colors with nourishing argan oil.

Equally 14 stunning colors, Sally Hansen has developed together with Global Color Ambassador and Nail Trend expert Madeline Poole. Color Coat, Top Coat and Cuticle Oil to wear beautiful colors, which groom at the same time.

The nail varnishes are available since 16 January 2017 for each 9.99 €.

The Color Palettes

The Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil gives the nails and the nail skin comprehensive care and a healthy appearance.

The Color Therapy Top Coat provides a shiny finish and preserves the nails before fading and improve the hold.

The 14 nail polishes are divided into the following colors:

– Red / violet

–  Pink / Coral

– Nudes

I was able to try the following for you:

210 Re-Nude

A very everyday nude, which fits every occasion. The result is neat, subtle nails. Perfect for the natural look.

150 Steely Serene

A great mix of gray and beige. With this color you definitely stand in the center! Very elegant.

370 Unwine’d

A beautiful, strong Bordeaux tone for women who know what they want! Expressive rich tone with brilliant effect.

The applicator allows a fine, precise application and the nail varnishing becomes a children’s play.


I find the new Color Therapy collection very good. The color selection is great and with all 3 I was very satisfied. In the 2 lighter tones I used a second layer, which is however normal. The order was optimized thanks to the wider brush. The nails have been beautiful, full shine and held for 5-6 days. The price is slightly higher than usual paints but it is worth it all the time. Sally Hansen has done a good job again!

Will you try the new paints? Do you have experience with Sally Hansen?


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