May Beauty Incredible Face Mask

Good morning Beauties,

Everyone who is interested in skin care knows face masks well. Personally I try 1-2 times a week to make a mask. I feel so my skin to do something good. And the skin feeling afterwards is indescribable!

Kindly I was able to test a Trial Set of the Incredible Face Mask of Maybeauty, a peel-off mask of deep mud. The set consists of 5 face masks and 1 SPA brush.


It promises to remove dander, oils and blackheads in a few minutes, prevent acne and keep the skin clean and healthy.



Step 1: Put the mask on your face,
Step 2: Leave the mask for 30 – to dry 45 minutes,
Step 3: Remove the mask and you’ll see how fall blackheads and skin particles,
Step 4: Feel how soft and pure your skin feels after treatment.


The mask is best applied with a brush, because the color and consistency is still very intense. This means that no mishaps.

When I saw the color, I was honestly a little scared because I’ve never tried one such dark mask. Using the brush, it could be applied without any problems. Smell is neutral.

The mask should remain on the face for 30-45 minutes.

In the time I watched an episode on Netflix. 🙂

After 45 minutes, I had the feeling that the mask is dry enough to be removed.

Removing the mask was uncomfortable because it drew out everything. (Also hairs if available.)

After a few breaks, the mask was completely removed. When present, residues can be washed off with warm water. My skin was still irritated some of the drawing, but that faded quickly. What then was left was a great feeling on the skin. A pure, soft and radiant skin.

My conclusion 

Basically I found the mask well. They served their purpose, cleans pores and removes the most stubborn dirt. The skin feels clean and soft.

The only drawback is the unpleasant pulling the removal of the mask. But you get used to after several applications.


Then you have now the opportunity to get each mask set with 30% discount. Simply use the link below and the discount code will be automatically activated.

Have fun with it! It is worthwhile in any case.

Does anyone know these masks already? What experience did you make?


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