5 favorite #apps February 2016


Good morning my Dears,

Do you have many apps on your phone? Today I present you my current favorite apps:

1) Audible
Audible is the world’s largest distributor of digital audiobooks. Their range includes more than 200,000 audio books, radio plays, serials, audio magazines, foreign language titles, and more. Since I have discovered audiobooks new for me, I use this app a lot. A subscription is required, anyone who is uncertain, can start with the free trial month. After the test month you pay € 9.95 a month.


2) My Movies 2
My Movies 2 is the fastest, easiest and most impressive way you have ever kept track of your movie collection. The proud owner of an extensive DVD collection can easily lose the overview. With “My Movies 2”, a digital movie catalog, you can prevent this from happening. These carry your library either manually or scan the barcode of the DVD. Then be retrieved from an online archive data such as length, actors and the film’s release.

You can also see the newest film appearances and their trailer. The free version is limited to a maximum 50 titles and only 10 items in trailers and title release list, the upgrade costs 7,99 €. I am very proud of my growing film collection 🙂



3) Book Buddy
BookBuddy is a powerful book management application that gives you access to your entire book catalog, anywhere. Using BookBuddy is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favorite books, and keep track of borrowed and lent books.

This is a great application for book lovers. I use this app to catalog my home library and I just love it! Every book has a great cover and also foreign books can be managed. And by the way, this app is free!



4) Layout for Instagram
As a photographer and Instagram lovers I like to create collages with several pictures. In the high selection of collages apps it is not easy to find the right one. I have tried several apps for this use and currently I most like the layout for Instagram. You can quickly create collage, it’s easy to use and you have many design options. Another advantage: it is free. 🙂


5) Polyvore
Another free app that I have known for only a few months is Polyvore. Polyvore lets you create a look for home or fashion. Users can create a style collage that includes clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry and anything else that blends with the collage’s theme. Polyvore lets users work with more than just clothing. Users can also add music, people, backgrounds, colors, frames and effects to create style collages. Others can explore style collages for Inspiration. A very cool app!


What are your favorite apps?




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