Clarisonic Mia 2


Good morning beauties,

In today’s post, a small Review of the facial cleansing brush Clarisonic Mia 2. I got it for Christmas this year and want to share my experience with you now.

The Clarisonic Mia can be easily ordered online by Douglas for 149,99 €.


The package includes

  • Facial cleansing brush Clarisonic
  • charger
  • Refreshing Gel Cleanser (30 ml)
  • Brush cover for transportIMG_1756

What it promises
 „The Clarisonic Mia2 is a highly effective cleaning brush, whereby the skin can be gently intensively cleaned. In conventional cleaning equipment the brush rotates in only one direction, Clarisonic is different: Here the oscillating brush head, moves with more than 300 cycles per second back and forth and so uses the natural elasticity of the skin. In this way, up to 6 times more makeup can be removed than with a manual cleaning. Facial care products can be much better absorbed by the skin. The result: a pore-deep pure skin that radiates. „

(Source: Douglas)

How do I use Mia?
I wet my face and spread some cleanser all over my face. At the moment I use the Clarisonic original Cleansing gel. Then I turn on the Mia and brush my face. The manufacturer suggest to go gently with the brush in a circular motion over your face 20 seconds for the front , 20 seconds for the nose and chin , and 10 seconds for the cheeks . This gives a total of 60 seconds, after the Mia turns off automatically.


Different brush heads
Depending on your skin, there are various brush heads. Personally, I still use the standard brush suitable for sensitive and normal skin types.

  • Normal
  • Sensitive
  • Delicate
  • Deep Pore
  • AcneIMG_1766

Battery / Cleaning / Maintenance
I recharge my Clarisonic Mia 2 approximately every 2 weeks. For cleaning, it is proposed to wash the brush head every few days with warm water, soap or cleansing gel. In addition, it is advisable to renew the brush head every 3 months. When the battery is empty, I recharge the Mia overnight and until the next application it is running as usual.

My conclusion
I just love this brush! And I could not imagine my facial cleansing without the Mia, now. My skin has really changed for the better. Impurities occur rarely, the skin feels clean and smooth and it improves the overall appearance of the skin. At first I was worried it might irritate my sensitive combination skin but it’s so gentle to all skin types that I really can recommend. The only downside for me is the high price for changing the brush heads every 3 months (39,99 €).


Do you already have experiences ​​with facial brushes?

6 Gedanken zu “Clarisonic Mia 2

  1. Ja, ich habe auch eine Gesichtsreinigungsbürste. Meine ist aber von Braun. Bin ganz zufrieden damit, obwohl ich diese abwechselnd mit einem Massagepad verwende. Ein sehr interessanter Beitrag. Liebe Grüße, britti

    Gefällt mir

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