ASTOR Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipsticks


Hello my friends, the year begins with great beauty news! ASTOR sent me 13 beautiful lipsticks for testing.

I speak of the ASTOR Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks.

The lipsticks are available since January.

price: 8, 99 €


The ASTOR Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipsticks are wrapped in a black rose- gold packaging. On the black cap of the writing „ASTOR“ is applied. On the top is found the letter „A“ representative of the brand name. The respective color number and color name are mounted on the bottom of the lipsticks.




The  Lipsticks are available in 13 shades, which are divided into four categories: nude , berry , rose-pink and coral- red tones . I like the wide color range insanely good and have already found a number of favorites.

Astor writes:
Make way for the first multi – Benefit lipstick ASTOR : The Perfect Stay Fabulous lipstick . The unique formula combines all the qualities that women would like from their lipstick: intense color, rich moisturizer and long -lasting comfort. The integrated primer, smoothes and ensures a long-lasting lip color without bleeding. The color choice of 13 vividly colored shades ranging from delicate Nude on fresh rosé pink to classic red – so any woman can find her lips – favorite.



All colors have a glossy finish and feel applied to very pleasant. Rather like a lip balm, with neat pigmented color.

  • The Nude Tones:IMG_1590

    (from left to right)#700 Floral
    Rosewood tone with fine gold shimmer

    #703 Fantastic Plum
    a dark brown shade

  •  The Berry Tones:IMG_1604

    (from left to right)#300 Fancy
    an intense , cool berry tone

    #301 For Fun
    a gentle violet Nuance

    #302 Fireworks
    a bright purple with silver shimmer particles

  • The rose – pink tones:IMG_1612

    (from legt to right)#200 Forever pink
    a flash Pink shimmer

    #202 Fuchsia
    a shining , loud pink with good mood factor

    #604 Fruity
    delicate color , rosé – pink shade

  • The coral – red tones:IMG_1619

    #203 Fabulous Style
    a flashy red#204 Favorite Berry
    bright red with strawberry touch

    #403 Feeling Feline
    a delicate coral Nuance

    #503 Fiction Red
    a strong , dark red

My conclusion:


The ASTOR Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipsticks are an absolute must-have in my cosmetic bag for me. Convince me both visually and by its formulation with rich oils and the color intensity. Only two of the total of 13 colors habe personally failed but it doesn’t mean, of course, that you might not like them. Check out the entire range of colors! You will find certainly your favorite among the beautiful ASTOR Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipsticks.

A small drawback, however, there – the lipsticks do not run out, but blurring fast. You should not kiss your boy too wild when you carry one of the ASTOR Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipsticks. 🙂 After drinking and eating the lipstick should be tightened again.

My favorites:

At the high selection , it was really hard to find a favorite.

But who knows me longer, know that my heart beats faster for dark lips . 🙂
That’s why my favorites  are #300 Fancy and #503 Fiction Red.

The products were provided free to me.

How do you like the colors?
Which is your favorite?


6 Gedanken zu “ASTOR Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipsticks

  1. Du Glückliche !!!!! Ich finde die Kollektion echt klasse ! Ich durfte die Farbe # 301 für DM Tester testen. Der Lippenstift ist echt super weich und riecht toll. Viel Spass mit so vielen Farben !!!

    Gefällt mir

  2. Die Lippenstifte von Astor sind super! Deshalb verlose ich eine gesamte Edition der neuen Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipsticks auf meinem Blog. Schau doch mal vorbei<3

    Gefällt mir

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