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Today I want to tell you my personal opinion on the Beautyblender.


I wear my foundation usually with the Zoeva stippling brush 125. While browsing multiple blogs and videos, I came across the Beautyblender. Each beauty blogger has him, talks about it and so I became curious.


What is a Beautyblender?


The Beautyblender is a make-up sponge. The sponge was developed by the artist Rea Ann Silva Make Up to a professional and flawless finish while creating application of foundation, concealer, powder or other products. The Blender is made from a plastic foamed / resin based on polyurethane. It contains (as well as cleaner) no animal products and is therefore entirely suitable for a vegan lifestyle. He is free from latex and has no seams, so it is especially suitable for sensitive skin. By its shape you can easily apply your foundation also in points, where it’s hard to reach with your fingers or brushes (for example under the eyes, on the nose).

I bought the original Beautyblender and the Micro Mini Beautyblender with the cleaning fluid in the drugstore Müller.

price: 19,99 €

How do I use it?

The Beauty Blender can be applied both dry and wet. I’ve tried both versions and get better at foundation with the moist and concealer with the drier variant.

  • Moist variant
    Put the blender under water (I always use lukewarm water). The Beautyblender will get quite a bit of size. Now you express the sponge until it is just damp and not really wet.First distribute the foundation with your fingers on the face and then incorporate with the Beautyblender by pat.
  • dry variant
    Here, the sponge is simply dry. The application is exactly the same as in the moist variant.

How often do I clean the Beautyblender?


I clean my Beautyblender 3 times a week, at least after every second use. Therefore I use the Beautyblender cleaning fluid. Cleaning hereby actually works like I would use shampoo for my brushes. First I make the Beautyblender with lukewarm water completely wet. Then I give a small amount of the Beautycleanser on my palm and dab with the dirtiest place first in the cleaner. Then I rub the sponge few times and wash it out. I’ll do that for so long until the sponge is clean and no more cleaner is in him.

price: 14,99 €
content: 90 ml

Beautyblender Micro mini – What is the difference?


In contrast to the Beautyblender, the Micro Mini Beautyblender are specifically for contour, highlight, and precisely application of makeup into the smallest parts of the face. This makeup blender lets you perfect apply makeup into the inner eye corners, brow bones, sides of nose, cheeks, and more. Designed with exclusive beautyblender® material and one fourth the size of the original sponge, these non-disposable micro mini sponges are the perfect tool for concealing small areas.

Can be applied both dry and wet like the original Beautyblender.


price: 19,99 €

My opinion on the Beauty Blender

I tested the Beautyblender and the Micro Mini Beautyblender with the cleaning fluid now about one month. I admit that I certainly had my problems with the first uses of the Blenders, because I had to get used to the new management. With each use of the Beautyblender it was easier to handle. I really like him as a tool and use it every second day actually. You get a wonderful natural, streak-free finish. Although I do still like my brush for applying foundation, but the Beautyblender has become routine as an integral part of my make-up and I don’t want to miss it anymore.


How do you wear your foundation?
Do you have experience with the Beauty blender?

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