Since more than 19 years Pretty Nail Shop is one of the leading companies in the nail design.

With the brands Jolifin, PNS24, Konad and First Edition, they offer great products for nail studios and private customers at low prices, specialized in artificial nails.jolifin_oberbanner

Kindly I was allowed to pick a few products to try. Thanks to the team of Pretty Nail Shop! I was really happy about it.

Personally, I have natural strong and long fingernails, so that I have less concentrated on the products for artificial nails because I don’t use them. A look at their website showed me how much choice of gel, acrylic powder, brushes and styling they offer. So if you have artificial nails, you should definitely take a look on it. So you don’t have to go constantly to the nail salon, you can do it yourself at home. It saves a lot of time and money.

But also for women with natural nails, this store provides a lot. The following products I have chosen and I want you to present now.

  • Jolifin Evershine nailpolish nude Grey
    For gentle and scratch resistant fingernails. The new Evershine nail polish combines high durability with uncomplicated application. It ensures completely without the use of a UV lamp for high-gloss and scratch-resistant painted nails, that holds up to 7 days. The color can be gently removed.
    price: 4,45 €
    content: 9 ml
  • Jolifin Color Tech nailpolish black-brownThe ColorTech nail polish is based on advanced technology nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose provides the lacquered fingernail through their enhanced collodiumwolle fibers maximum hardness and strength combined with maximum flexibility. Your nail is not only beautifully painted in brilliant colors, but well protected against external influences. Many advantages make the Jolifin ColorTech nail polish for your manicure indispensable. It’s equally suitable for both natural and artificial nails. On the natural nails a base coat is recommended.

    price: 4,90 €
    content: 14 ml
  • Jolifin oil-nail balm Peach
    The optimal care for your nails. With regular use, the drying up and tearing of the cuticle is prevented. Strengths the elasticity of the cuticle. I’m so in love with the great, peachy fragrance.IMG_9941

price: 3,45 €
content: 14 ml

  •  Jolifin Pedicure-toe spreader
    Jolifin pedicure toe spreader are practical pedicure helper for home or the nail salon. Painting the toenails will be so easy! In addition, the super-elastic silicone provides a convenient and comfortable wear. The toe spreads are washable and can be disinfected.IMG_9937
    price: 0,99 €
  • Jolifin Glamour nail file
    Professional studio file, made ​​of European special paper. Are washable and can be disinfected. Suitable for multiple treatments of the customer.IMG_9943
    price: 0,69 €


  • Jolifin nail file
    The Jolifin file was developed especially for use in nail salon and guarantees strengths  for your nails. The file has been optimized , thereby you can work accurate.  The file is of course water-washable and can be disinfected as well.price: 0,58 €


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