A few days ago I received a packet of Yves Rocher for testing. You can find all this products online or in their catalog.


  • Lipstick – Bromberry 

    This lipstick has struck me because of the flowery packaging. A sweet, light packaging, perfect for traveling. I chose the color Bromberry, because as you know I love darker tones. On the lips, however, she seemed to me a little brighter – rather pink. It’s not highly pigmented, for me wonderful for every day. Very discreet.

price: 3,99 €
content: 3,5 g


  • Nourishing Lip Balm Karité 

    Of this product I expected more. Since the recipe has changed, I can advise against buying. No comparison to the old care sticks. It feels less supple, and shortly afterwards the lips are dry again. In addition, the smell is not pleasant. I hope that the old formula will be used again.

price: 1,99 €
content: 4,8 g

  • Nail varnish Couleur Vegetale Camélia Nacré 

    This varnish has pleasantly surprised me. The bottle comes in a sleek design which I really liked. Also applying was easy thanks the innovative brush.Despite brighter nuance I found him very color intensive, long-lasting and gentle on the nails. I would also like to test the other colors.

price: 2,99 €
content: 5 ml

  • Repair-BodyMilk 

    From this body milk I ‚m really excited. It supplies the skin with building materials and repairs them. The skin is supple, soft and visibly fairer. It also smells very good. I have an extremely sensitive skin but I assure you it also helps in drier skin. I use it daily and I am very satisfied . My skin feels better.pice: 4,99 €
    content: 150 ml


  • Duftspray Monoi 

    When I use this spray, I feel like being on holiday. It moisturizes and gives a gentle sea breeze envelops with an exotic fragrance. The texture with organic aloe vera spreads easily and provides intensive care. The skin feels soft and smells of monoi. But I must say, this fragrance does not like everyone. You love it or hate it.  I love it!

pice: 5,95 €
content: 125 ml

  • Cleaning mask Sebo Végétal 

    If my skin feels unclean I always use this mask. The clay absorbs excess sebum immediately. The pores are cleaned by the depth of and my skin feels clean , like new.

The skin is matted and refreshed. Normally I take this mask once a week.

pice: 6,45 €
cntent: 75 ml

  • Shower gel Jardins du monde – pomegranate and lime

I love love love the shower gels from Yves Rocher. From pomegranate to lime, they all smell insanely good. The fragrance is very fruity without being intrusive. It’s very efficient and leaves a good feeling on the skin without drying. I can only recommend.

pice: 1,99 €
cntent: 200 ml

Basically, I am very satisfied with Yves Rocher. I like the natural ingredients in their products. That makes Yves Rocher so special. In addition, the customer service was always friendly.

Do you have experience with Yves Rocher?


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